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Production and Distribution of TV ??? Video ??? new media


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Our company, Challenge all media distributors, co-produces and distributes products all over North and Western Europe. We have a close co-operation with major dubbing-companies. Because of this co-operation, we can offer broadcasters and Video/dvd companies and New media companies complete dubbed products.  We produce different language versions at low cost. We have full experience in the field of children programs, feature films, documentaries ect. This combination together with the experience is our base for doing business with producers and buyers.


We used to represent all the rights of a program on an exclusive base for an agreed period. All rights means: TV-VIDEO-MERCHANDISING and NEW MEDIA.  


Because of the fact that we are independent, we have contact with all of the broadcasters, producers and video companies. This means that we are able to select the best broadcaster for each production and the best productions for each broadcaster.


We look forward to have further contact with you, to evaluate the possibilities for future co-operation in the above-mentioned territory.


Etienne Kaandorp


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